Friday, October 11, 2013

Emails from September 23, 2013

MOMMACITA!!!!! Okay sorry about not emailing last week, I was on for a while but never got an email from you??? Who knows. Sorry. ANYWAYS. (Found out later on the mail system just got overwhelmed and there were problems delivering email all over the place.)

TRANSFER TIME!!! Yeah, Sister Jensen is leaving me. AND I'M TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY WHAT THE WHAT. Okay here's the story. So usually missionaries don't start training until they finish their 3 month/2 transfer training program. Obviously I've only been out 6 weeks/1 transfer. Friday night is the night that President would call about training. Sister Jensen and I are at a barbecue at the Becker's and when we leave around 7:15 we check the phone and see that 2 of Sister Jensen's old companions and the singles ward sisters have all texted us about calls from President. We find out that Sister Cope (serving in the singles ward/came out with me) is TRAINING and that Sister Quist is being transferred (she's been here for like, 9 months in the same ward lol). So Sister Cope is freaking out but since they had been called at like, 5:30 I figured I was in the clear. HAHAHAHAHA. Sister Jensen and I finish up the night and come home, we plan, it's like 9:45 (which is phone quiet hours), we're so good. No way President is calling. HAHAHAHA. It's 9:58 and the phone starts buzzing. I pick it up and start shaking "SISTER JENSEN PRESIDENT IS CALLING?!?!?!!" "WHAT?? ANSWER IT!!" So I answer and President Murdock asks me to train and "Yes, of course I will" spills out of my mouth and WHAT AM I DOING I'M TERRIFIED. Well I'm excited but, like I said, Sister Jensen is leaving soooo now I'm in charge of a baby and the area and I HAVE BEEN OUT FOR SIX. WEEKS. But the Lord isn’t going to give me anything I can't handle. Also, I'm pretty sure this is the Lord's way of making me be a better missionary. hahahaaha. Basically I don't know what to do with myself. But anyways. Address is the same, yada yada yada.

More about our week: we have two new investigators!! One is a woman in her forties who's been wanting to meet with the missionaries for a while and we finally managed to find a place in her busy schedule. We taught her about the Holy Ghost and she LOVED it. Hopefully me and Sister New Missionary can meet with her this week. Then, on Saturday, Sister Jensen and I were tracting when a lady in the street approaches US, asks what church we're from, then she ASKS US TO COME OVER ON SUNDAY AND TEACH HER. holycrapwhatishappening. So we taught her yesterday and she LOVED EVERYTHING. How on earth is this happening?? Me and Sister New Missionary are going to go over on Tuesday (that's transfer day. hahahaha).

I can't think of much else exciting that happened this week. OH! Duh. The elders had a baptism! Her name is Melanie and she is awesome. I might have mentioned her before, I don't know. Anyways, her daughter got baptized into the Spanish branch a few months ago, but Melanie doesn't speak Spanish. So Elder Reese and Elder Austin taught her and she was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. Yay!! Oh and speaking of Elders. Elder Reese, our DL, is also being transferred, but Elder Austin is staying in the 1st ward too. So both of us have only been here 6 weeks and now we're the informed missionaries. HAHAHA. Elder Austin is getting follow up trained though, he's not training. ANYWAYS.

I'll think of more things probably. I'll go reply to some of your other emails now. LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!!!!!!!

Remember how I told you I love the clouds/sky here in CO? Well, here are some pictures!!

More sky pictures!!

My district! From left to right - me, Elder Austin, Sister Jensen, Elder Rollins, Sister Cope, Elder Reese, Sister Quist, and Elder Mortensen. Silly Elders. Hahaha.

(Mom note: A fellow Colorado missionary mom sent me the following zone picture. Her son is zone leader and emailed it to her.)

 (I also got a few more pictures from one of the members Sister Noakes and Sister Jensen visited a lot. They mean a lot to me! Thanks so much Julie!)


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