Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Email from September 16, 2013

I got the best surprise for a missionary mom on Tuesday, the 10th of September. I received a text with pictures attached of Sarah and her companion! So I asked in an email if it was an investigator who sent them, because I forgot to ask that evening.
No, an investigator didn't send that picture. It was a lady in the ward. We go and visit her a couple of times a week. She's active but her husband and kids aren't. However, we're the first set of missionaries her husband has let in the house and has sat and listened to us talking. So hopefully we can get a little further with them. She's a really really sweet lady and she just loves us!

Also, the name Elder Zerilli sounds super familiar but I can't put a face to the name. Hahaha.

I haven't gotten the stuff you sent yet, but it'll probably arrive today. Mail doesn't show up until around 2 or 3. Oh, and since transfers are next Tuesday you might want to mail stuff to the mission office if you send it later in the week. Because who knows if I'll be here or off somewhere else!

Hmm, so this week. We finally got to teach the two children of the inactive woman again! But she canceled our second appointment. Typical haha. The bishop gave us permission to set them on date for baptism though! Because the mom is consistently bringing the kids to church and is trying to change. So we'll see how the lessons go this week, if they happen at all haha. We had set appointments on Wednesday with potential investigators but they both canceled. Sigh. BUT they both rescheduled! One, a young woman named Shannon, we saw on Saturday. We had a good long discussion/lesson with her, just standing outside her door. At one point she asked us when and where we meet for church! She was pretty interested in coming, and we were about to give her a Book of Mormon when her husband comes up behind her and is like "I don't mean to be rude, but we're Catholic. I've met plenty of Mormons and they're just not good people, blah blah blah, I don't want my family to become like that, have a nice day bye." So we left. And it was really sad because she was genuinely interested! And Sister Jensen and I found it interesting that HE was like "We're Catholic bye" while SHE said she was raised Catholic but doesn't practice and is just generally Christian now. We're going to keep praying for her and see if we feel inspired to stop by, and hope her husband isn't home. We also started teaching a 12 year old girl. Her 14 year old brother got baptized about a month and a half ago and she wants to be baptized but she wasn't taught. She's very sweet and eager to learn. Also, we had a less active at church yesterday who I hadn't seen at church before! Her 6 year old daughter sat next to me and I let her draw in my little notebook and she gave me a fruit snack and 2 hugs and I melted inside. Hahahaha.

Yesterday, Sister Jensen and I were up in the northernmost part of our area, Paradise Hills. It's a little development that like 1/2 the ward lives in haha. We were up there for dinner and after dinner we decided to try and see Brother Keller, a member of the bishopric who we don't know very well at all, but his wife sits by us in church sometimes and she just ADORES us. I love it. Anyways, they weren't home but their 18 year old son was. He told us he had a friend living down the street who might be interested, so we decided to tract it. Found said friend, wasn't interested, but kept going. We knock on this one house. WAIT before I go further: it's been raining a TON here lately, and there's a ditch up above Paradise that flooded on Friday night. The streets were filled with water and there was a LOT of mud in a bunch of people's driveways and it got into some people's garages. So anyways. We knock on this one house and a 12ish year old boy answers. He looks SO FAMILIAR, and as I start introducing us I'm trying to think "Which member family is he from?". He stops me halfway through my offer to pray with them by saying "I've seen you before!" I hear his mom say "Come in!" We step inside and as soon as I see the mom I know where I've seen them. When I was on exchanges with Hermana Encarnacion we tracted into them in a completely different part of town and prayed with them! The mom (let's call her Laura), was AMAZED that I was brought into her life again, completely by chance, and wanted to pray with us again. So we did and we offered to help them out because their garage was flooded and I prayed for that and yeah. They said they weren't interested in being taught because they have their own church but that they would love to pray with us again so sometime when we're up in Paradise we're going to drop by and start secretly teaching them. Hahaha. But COME ON. There's NO WAY that's a coincidence. NONE. The Lord knows what he's doing. So yeah. We'll work on that.

That's all I can think of for now! I LOVE YOU!!!! I can't wait to get your letters and stuff! Email me back muy rapidamente, por favor!

I LOVE YOU!!! <3

Sister Sarah Noakes :) :)

Sister Sarah Noakes, 09/10/2013

Sister Noakes and Sister Jensen

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