Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013 -- Email and Newspaper!

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo everyone!

So this week has been crazy and OF COURSE I forgot my journal so I'll really have to try and remember everything that happened. Hahaha.

Last Tuesday we had zone conference with 4 other zones! We had Elder David S. Baxter of the first quorum of the Seventy come! He's from Scotland so I obviously enjoyed myself. Hahaha. And it was wonderfully spiritual and I learned a ton! But the accent made it that much better. Plus, I got to see a bunch of my missionary friends! It was a lot of fun. Then on Wednesday we did some service for Mesa County Food Distribution, and we taught a newish investigator, Katrina, who is friends with the mom of the two children who got baptized this weekend.

Anyways, the most exciting part of Wednesday was this: Sister Masima and I had to go to the library because she had online training to do. As we're leaving, a lady in our ward stops us and asks if we would like to be interviewed for the article she's writing on younger missionaries. Of course we say yes and we also got the singles ward sisters and our elders in on it. So we all got interviewed Wednesday night and the article was in this Sunday's paper! I'm sending home a copy for you to look at and read and all that good stuff. On Thursday, we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders again. I went over to 9th ward with Sister Jones and it was a ton of fun! 9th ward covers Clifton and Palisade and it was SO WEIRD to not be in my area. Sister Masima and Hermana Bennett found 4 new investigators that day and Sister Masima and I have found 2 others this week as well. On Friday we taught one of those new investigators and got photographed for the paper. I also got a blessing from Brother Becker (ward mission leader) that day. Sister Jones told me I HAD to get one, as well as talk to him about if we have a ward mission plan and some other stuff. I love that blessing and I cried and it was great. I just love the Beckers SO MUCH. Anyways, this Sunday was this ward's primary program and it was definitely the cutest thing I have ever seen. Oh, and let's not forgot. This Saturday we had TWO BAPTISMS! Yay! Conner and McKayla got baptized and the baptismal service was so good. McKayla was crying before her baptism but afterwards she was really happy. HOORAY!

Sisters Noakes and Masima with Conner
Baptism kids Conner and McKayla with mom, grandpa, and uncle
I love you lots! This week was pretty wonderful and the work is getting better here. Now let's all pray that I don't go anywhere!

Sister Noakes

Front page of GJ Sentinel, texted to Mom by Sister Larson
So we took these pictures last Monday at FHE at Melanie's. Across the back is me, Hermana White, Sister Masima, Hermana Gailey and Melanie. Across the front is Elder Jacobson, Sondra (with Oreo, the puppy), Hermana Arcia (who taught Sondra), Sister Caisey (her current companion, from Bermuda!), and Elder Austin.

Aren't the elders just little punks? Dumb Elders and their faces. Hahaha.

Book Cliffs (Mom note: There really are formations CALLED Book Cliffs! Just thought it was a street name ... heh.) and Mount Garfield, from when Sister Noakes was on exchanges.

Book Cliffs outside Grand Junction
Mount Garfield
 And Mom got a text from Sister Larson with this picture.

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