Friday, October 11, 2013

September 30, 2013

Well I have like a bajillion little things to reply to you about, so let's see if I can keep them all straight hahahaha.

OKAY #1: I'M A TRAINER AHHH. I'm training Sister Masima. She's from American Samoa!!! And she is so sweet. I'm constantly apologizing to her because we taught ZERO investigators this week and it's totally my fault but she still loves it and is just so nice about it all. Hahahaha. She's 19 but about a week older than me. Older companions forever.

So yeah. ZERO. I'm a failure. Haha okay not really but I just have no idea how to make it better! Well I have a few but it's gonna take time. I'm trying my hardest and I know Heavenly Father will bless me for that. I just have to keep trying and eventually I'll figure it all out, right? Hahaha. Oh and I can ALWAYS tell that you guys are praying for me. I hope you can tell that I always pray for you!!! Every morning and night :)

So I don't know if I have any stories for you.... This week was pretty uneventful. I bruised my knuckles from knocking on doors one day because that was literally ALL WE COULD DO. But, like I said, as long as we're trying and not just giving up and laying around the apartment all day, Heavenly Father understands.

I didn't bear my testimony in sacrament meeting this week. Did you guys???

Yeah, about long john garments - I know how long they are, Sister Jensen has a pair and explained it to me. I'll try to figure out sizing this week. And I would only want one set, btw. Also that skirt you sent me a picture of is SO CUTE. I think blue or red would be cute!! I promise to send sizes soon. I need to actually write myself a note this week. Hahaha.

This week we did a service project with Cross Orchards Historic Farm or Museum or something. Haha. It's an interactive pioneer museum, and they grow all these crops! ( We weeded for 3 hours and I got one heck of a sunburn. That was on Thursday and it started appearing a LOT on my arms during dinner. Sister Stephenson (who we had dinner with) was like "Hm, someone got some sun today." Hahaha. And then we had ward coordination meeting right after, and Brother Becker was like "Sister Noakes, did you get burnt?" YES I DID I'M A PALE PALE CHILD WHO TURNS INTO A LOBSTER IN THE SUN. Sheesh. Hahahaha.

I saw Claire/Sister Hardester in the choir! And Sister Barber (Mckenna) and Sister Rebentisch! (Elsa). It was exciting. That night we had dinner at the stake center because they had a stake RS dinner before the broadcast. We went with Sister Cope and Sister Joslin. They serve in the singles ward and Sister Cope is a 6 week old missionary like me. So we're best friends hahaha. We both REALLY want to be companions one day. Hahaha.

Um, I can't think of much else right off the top of my head. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Keep up prayer and scripture study and relying on the Lord and He will bless you. If you're doing everything you possibly can, blessings will come. I promise this! I've seen it as a missionary.

I love you!!

Sisters Noakes and Masima

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