Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 21, 2013 Email

Hello my familia! So let's see what happened this week... The “B” kids are getting baptized! Conner and Mckayla passed their baptismal interviews and they're getting baptized this Saturday! Hooray! Things are moving right along with them and I'm looking forward to it. We also started teaching the B’s neighbor, Katrina! She's been friends with Sister B for a while and when Sister B started coming back to church she invited her friend along. She's pretty interested and hopefully things will work out great for her too! We also were supposed to meet with this potential investigator, Penelope, this week, but when we showed up for our appointment she had left a note on her door asking us to come back later. She texted us and told us 630, but when we showed up, there was no answer :( we were walking away when her husband came out and apologized and was like "You have to understand how hard I work and that I don't want company right now and blah blah blah" and I REALLY didn't like the way he was talking. He seemed very controlling and that makes me grumpy. Hahaha. Why do we keep finding willing women with controlling husbands? (remember "We're Catholic, LEAVE!" guy? Yeah. Anyways.) But they said we could come back another time so we definitely will.

On Friday we had the ward social! it was pretty fun. GJ 1st ward has a chili cook-off every year at their fall social, and Brother Wynne wins every year... this year was no different. I don't know if I ate his chili or not though, they were all anonymously labeled. Someone made some delicious clam chowder though, and I liked that! It was a ton of fun to see the ward all dressed up, especially the little kids. We got to say hi to a lot of the ward in one place and meet a couple of new people. It was fun and a nice "break". They also do the traditional costume parade and our dear elders naturally pranced across the stage. They're such children but I think it's great. I don't call them "eldren" for nothing (a combination of elders and children... we came up with this in the MTC. Hahaha.). On Saturday we helped with the ward service project, which was yard work for 6 homes for people in hospice who can't take care of their lawns themselves. Not a lot of people showed up because a soon-to-be-missionary in the ward was going to the temple for the first time and there were quite a few people who went to that instead. So we split up into small groups we thought would be sufficient... NOPE! Myself, Sister Masima, and Sister Green and her daughter were NOT enough people to tackle the lawn that we had been assigned to. It worked out okay though, we called in for help and got the job done.

On Sunday, Brother Becker gave us a surprise... about 20 minutes before sacrament meeting started, he asked Sister Masima and I to teach gospel principles! We don't even own the manuals! So we rushed to the library and spent sacrament meeting studying and whispering plans to each other. Hahaha. Good thing the lesson was on missionary work! It went pretty well, I think!

And now for the funnest part of our week.. on Sunday night, Brother Gylling called us. He's a ward missionary and we're always pestering him to let us serve him. Well, last Monday he brought down a bull elk on the mesa. His wife told us they'd need help cutting it up and grinding hamburger meat out of it. Well, Brother Gylling called to tell us he was cutting up the elk! Sister Masima helped him skin it (she's hunted pig and skinned it before, back in Samoa, so she knew what she was doing and I didn't really want to participate in that aspect hahaha). I was mostly just moving meat from the table to the cooler when Brother Gylling had me come over and cut some myself! So I've helped cut up elk steaks and yes, there's a picture.

So that was our week! Things are hopefully going to keep picking up as we meet with more members and they get the message more and more that they NEED to help us!

I love you guys!!! :)

Love, Sister Noakes
First is myself and Sister Keller and her daughter at the ward social. Sister Keller comes and does service with us and she LOVES us sisters. She invited us over to her house for Halloween and I'm a little nervous about what's in store for us. Hahaha.

The next is Sister Masima, myself, Sister Hilton and Sister Collins at the food distribution center doing service and throwing up the shaka. hahaha.

Last is me at the Gyllings' house, helping them make cupcakes. Yum!
Why is my hair up in all of these? I rarely do that! Apparently we just like to capture it hahahaha.

Elk pictures!

Sister Noakes, looking a little terrified.

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