Friday, September 6, 2013

Email from August ... oops, September 2, 2013!

MOM!!! This is my weekly email for this week :) a reply :) and yeah, emailing on Monday instead. My companion and I have exchanges tomorrow, so normally we would just email tomorrow but we can't since we'll be with a different companion tomorrow haha. SO right now I'm at a member's home, doing laundry, and emailing. 
I don't actually HATE Fast Sunday. Just sometimes it makes me really emotional and this past week was one of those kind of days. So I vented to Sarah a bit!
You're not an awful person for hating fast Sunday! It's a toughie hahaha. I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. And just thinking about dad writing down his story/bearing his testimony is making me cry. Haha I'm a wimp. Anyways, we were in sacrament and the bishop (Bishop Moses, hahaha. Sound familiar? :)) finished up his testimony and I FELT from across the chapel Elder Austin (MTC district, now in my ward) turn and stare at me, because a missionary's first fast Sunday in a ward... you're kind of expected to bear your testimony. So he's gesturing to me "hey, you, go up there!" and I was already thinking about it and I HATE IT when people tell me I should. Because then I feel like I have NO EXCUSE hahahaha. So anyways, every time there was a break he would be making faces at me to go up there. Finally I stood up and he did too. So I went first and called him out for forcing me to go up there hahaha. It was great. So that was my fast Sunday.
Alright, so news about the rest of the week. On Wednesday I might have accidentally locked the keys in our car... Oops. So we had to walk to our next appointment and then home from there... Then we got a ride to dinner, then to our lesson with the Beckers, then Sister Becker took us down to a corner and we walked to visit a lady in the ward then walked home. Fun times. But on Thursday we got a locksmith to come down and open it up and we rejoiced. And the church paid for it, so don't worry about that hahaha. But anyways.
Taught a few lessons this week. We have 2 new investigators! They're the children of an inactive woman in our ward. They're 9 and 11 and very sweet. We also taught two lessons to this "eternigator"... catch my drift? Hahaha. On Tuesday we had a very good, spiritual lesson with her, she was praying and feeling the spirit, it was GREAT! And then.... we went over on Wednesday.... and she had done a 180. She still wants to see us and have us read the Bible with her, but she doesn't see why baptism needs to have proper authority. And she doesn't want to follow any man besides Christ. GAH. SO that was interesting.
So we'll be trying to find more people to teach. And teaching the ward mission leader's family has been a TON of fun. They're adorable.
I have been feeling better about being away from home, but it's still hits me hard every now and then. I'm probably going to suck it up and ask for a blessing soon. Hahahaha. But I was feeling really good for a couple of days, and then it  just hit me hard again. So we'll see. Grandma Noakes wrote me a letter and it got to me last Monday and I BAWLED, because she said she missed me. And she doesn't really say that.... I got your card! And I loved it! I hung up the pictures :) ... (Mom note, some really private things followed that I'm not going to include on this blog!)
Anyways, doing better! I love you guys! Tons tons tons tons :) :) I'll be sending you a letter, as per usual. Oh, and Kourtney sent me pictures she had printed out of Samantha's wedding, so don't worry about sending me, if you haven't already. I love you guys!!!! OH hey, since yesterday was fast Sunday, only 17 more until I'm home!!

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