Sunday, February 16, 2014

Email from December 16, 2013 (very, very late ...)

I had written to Sister Sarah that our ward was getting sister missionaries the next week. Obviously, she thinks that's super awesome!
I'm so excited you're getting SISTERS! Because obviously sisters are the best.

This week was a really good one! Sister Keihle and I have been taking what we learned on exchanges and applying it 100%, and we're seeing the benefits! It's been really wonderful. Debbie, our investigator, was baptized on Saturday! Saturday was a crazy crazy day at the baptismal font - there were 7 baptisms in the stake! Debbie's baptism went really well. The spirit there was so powerful. More than anything I felt the power of God's love for her as she made this choice to draw nearer to Him. It was wonderful. Sister Keihle and I sang "Amazing Grace" at the baptism. I hate singing in public. Hahaha. The single's ward sisters were supposed to sing with us, but their baptism was right after ours and they ended up having to rush out. Sad. The baptism was great and then we went over to Debbie's for homemade chili right afterwards. Mmm, delicious! The elders in our ward also had a baptism on Saturday. It's just a testament to me that the Lord is hastening His work!

Also this week, we taught Joyce again! Twice, actually. Joyce is amazing! She's so prepared and ready for this gospel. When we taught her on Friday, we brought the bishop's wife, Sister Thornton, with us. Having Sister Thornton there was perfect. Sister Thornton is a convert and we were able to have a really good discussion about God answering prayers. Joyce is concerned that January 4th is coming up really fast for her baptism, but we know that if she prays about it she will feel that it is right and be ready. Sister Thornton gave a beautiful example/testimony of God answering prayers quietly, and Joyce said that she felt that God has really been answering her prayers! HOORAY! I love Joyce so much! That lesson was incredibly spiritual and it was great to know that Joyce is feeling more and more ready.

So, transfer news - I'm staying! With not only Sister Keihle, but a 3rd sister as well! Sister Keihle and I will be training a new sister together. So send all your packages to 246 Belford Ave #7, everyone!

Oh, and mom, since you've been asking, we have a Christmas tree! A sweet lady in our ward, Sister Mayo, fed us dinner last Monday and told us she usually gave the missionaries a little tree, but that she'd have to find it. Well, we got a phone call on Friday and she found it, so now we have a little, fiberoptic Christmas tree that came with preattached ornaments! I'm alllllll set! :)

Let's see, other fun things from this week: Sister Keihle and I went to Cafe Rio for lunch on Thursday, but we had members pay for us! We were also given money anonymously at church. The members here (and I hope everywhere) are so generous and kind! I love the love we receive daily. I challenge you to do something super nice for the missionaries back in good ol' Edison ward. Make 'em some cookies or something.

I love you guys! I hope you had a great week :)

Love, Sister Noakes

Mom note: Alas, no pictures this week. Sister Keihle had an appointment and they didn't have time to send pictures. But the bonanza came the next week!!

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