Sunday, February 16, 2014

Email from 12/23/2013 -- Christmas coming soon!!

Haven't gotten any Christmas packages but I'm sure they'll arrive today or tomorrow. I won't be opening 'em til Christmas morning anyways. Hahaha.
Oh and about skyping. We're having lunch with a member family, the Guevaras, on Christmas day around noon. I can call you and let you know to get on Skype just before I get on there. So probably somewhere between noon and one? I was thinking about Google Hangout and I kind of thought that might be better too, I don't know. Also I realized I'm not sure I remember my skype username for login... is it just my email? I'm dumb and forgot to write that one down. Hahaha.

So, about my week. It's still cold here in Junction and there's still snow and ice on the ground. We're trying really hard not to die every time we're out walking. On Saturday my companions told me I don't know how many times to "BE CAREFUL!" because I kept sliding everywhere. Yep.
Oh, so "companions" - yes, I'm in a trio now! Still with Sister Keihle and we're training Sister Donald! She's from New Orleans (actually Covington, LA), and she's super awesome! She just talks to everyone with that Southern drawl and it works wonders up here in cold Colorado. Hahaha! She's a convert and we're loving our time together, even in our tiny apartment.
So this week has been a lot of fun. We picked up Sister Donald on Tuesday afternoon. We had dinner at our bishop's house, and we got pancakes with blueberry syrup! Yes!
On Wednesday we went over to our recent convert Debbie's apartment to help move her stuff in with the elders. Debbie wasn't there, but her roommate Dixie helped us move everything in. It's been kind of a long week, because of Christmas. You wouldn't believe how many people have told us we can come back "after the new year". Sigh. But it's still been a good week!

We taught a new investigator, Robert. As we taught the first lesson, I remember being so impressed by his willingness to learn about the gospel. He was so accepting! I hope he remains that way. We, sadly, didn't get to see Joyce this week, as she's been sick, but she still came to church and we can still see her exercising her faith. She was sick, and she asked her boyfriend to give her a blessing. She texted us and said "[boyfriend] just left and did give me a blessing so I know I'll be fine." I love her so much! Her faith is so inspiring to me!
I also went on splits with Brittanie Steele. We went tracting while Sister Donald and Sister Keihle went to visit some other people. Brittanie and I saw a miracle, as we found a new investigator. His name is Francisco and he's super awesome! He really opened up to us and I felt the Spirit very strongly as Brittanie and I taught him. I'm really excited to teach him again.
I've also been forced to use what little Spanish I have in my vocabulary lately. We keep running into people who say "No habla ingles" so I try out my "pocito espanol" on them... unsuccessfully. I'm pretty sure they just play along and are like "Let's see how bad this white girl is at this." Hahahaha. But it's been fun.
We've been Christmas caroling to people we see on the street and we are having fun, even with the cold and all the people who don't want to see us for two weeks. Sigh. But it's okay, we are trying and that's what's important.
I hope you all had a great week! I love you and I'll see you in TWO DAYS! :) :)
Love, Sister Noakes

Sister Noakes uploaded a ton of pictures to Dropbox, clearing off her SD card (she couldn't find the second one she took with her). Some of those will be posted separately. But here are some pictures she sent to Spencer. The dad in a family in the ward collects souvenir swords, so Sarah took some pictures for Spencer to drool over.
The "Heronmark" from The Wheel of Time

Bottom sword is Arwen's sword from Lord of the Rings.
Middle blue-sheathed sword is the Heronmark.

Sister Noakes wielding The Heronmark.
(Sword of the spirit, perhaps?)


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