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01/06/2014 New Year, New Adventures

I hope you guys all had a great New Year's Eve and a good start to your new year! I went to bed at 10:30 on New Year's and got up at 6:30. Unheard of, huh? Well, that's just missionary life!
It's been an interesting week. I feel like we're still experiencing the effects of the holidays right at the moment so we're not having as much success as I would personally like. However there's still plenty for us to do!
So our dear Joyce is still having a lot of health problems. We went to visit her yesterday and we found out that, on top of her medical mysteries that are going on right now, her boyfriend, Duane, who introduced her to the church, is moving to Texas. She was very upset about it when she first told us over the phone. She really wanted Duane to baptize her, if she made that choice. Well, he's leaving next Monday and so Joyce said to us yesterday that she would like to be baptized on Saturday! Well, we were floored because she was always saying she wasn't sure yet if it was right, but then she said yesterday that she had basically set her mind on doing it anyways, so why not now? There's just one problem - she drank coffee on Saturday, and you must be living the Word of Wisdom for 2 weeks before baptism. Sigh. Thankfully Duane will be coming back into town soon, so we tentatively scheduled her for that time. She just needs to quit drinking coffee!! Anyways.
Our recent convert, Debbie, has a roommate! Who is named Joyce! Joyce B. got here on Friday from Michigan. We helped her unpack and gave her a Book of Mormon and offered to come study with her and Debbie. We are sneaky.
Another "we are sneaky" moment. There's a ward missionary, Brother W (Whitmore), whose wife is not a member. We've become very attached to them and we really want to teach Sister W. Well, Sister Donald and Sister Keihle came up with a plan. Since Sister W really likes us, we asked if we could "practice" teaching her the lessons and she agreed. So this should be interesting.
I almost forgot! This week has been so weird and long. I went on exchanges this week! So, our poor Sister Jones, the STL over the two GJ zones, has also been training a new missionary. She basically has a ton of responsibility and I don't envy her position. Well, last Monday she and Sister Sheppard called and asked if I would come be with Sister Sheppard while Sister Jones went to mission leader council. I agreed and Sister Sheppard and I had a great time in 9th ward! She is a fantastic missionary, especially when you consider the fact that she's only been out for about 3 weeks! Also, for one day I had a companion who is taller and younger than me. Something that hadn't happened yet.
Anyways, that's the news for this week! Hopefully things will start settling back to normal now that the holidays have completely passed. I love you all and hope you're all doing well!

Love, Sister Noakes
Sunset Over the Colorado National Monument

Sister Donald and friend

Sisters Keihle, Donald, and Noakes

"Failed" jumping picture ...

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